Local 1597


Anyone wishing to present a move of meeting location is welcome to bring a price quote in writing from a prospective location so it can be presented to the quorom on May 18th. 



ATTENTION: Members of SMART-TD Local 1597

During the regular meeting scheduled April 20th, 2017 at the Raday lodge in midlothian the floor will be open to proposals to ammend our local bylaws.  Changes to meeting locations and times will be open for debate, It is important to your local president that meeting times and locations are convenient for a majority of our members. 


RE: Proposed modification of Local Bylaws

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 21B, Section 48, of the SMART Constitution, this is to notify the members of SMART-TD Local 1597 that an amended copy of bylaws will be considered at our upcoming regular monthly meeting on May 18 , 2018, at 7 p.m. in the Raday Lodge in Midlothian. 


Proposed amendments to Local 1597 bylaws MAY include the following:


-    Adjustment to Local initiation and readmission fees.

-    Change monthly meeting location or times. 


Questions relating to the above may be directed to Local 1597 President Tony Fiorentino at (312)399-1309 or by e-mail to Antoni.Fiorentino@gmail.com.