Local 1597


The Local Needs Your Help!

The local is currently working to reduce silica emissions from engines.  We have a meeting scheduled with company officials for July 18th at 9am.  After 3 years of being unable to identify the problem, Mechanical Superintendant Hugh Simon has asked for our help.  Please forward any unsafe condition forms, engine inspection forms or photographs that document these unrequested dumps of sand.  Time and date stamps will be very helpful.

Please remember GCOR rule 2.21 does allow use of a standalone camera  to take a photograph of a safety hazard or violation of a rail safety law, regulation, order, or standard; provided that a job briefing is conducted prior, it is turned off after use and is not used by the person controlling moving equipment.  The full rule can be viewed on pages 2-5 and 2-6 in your GCOR manual.

Silicosis is a devastaing disease and the employees of the Belt deserve every attempt to work without unneccesary exposure to it.  Please educate yourself on the causes, syptoms and risks of silicosis here :

Silicosis Symptoms, Causes, and Risk Factors | American Lung Association

Safety and Health Topics | Respirable Crystalline Silica - Health Effects | Occupational Safety and Health Administration


Questions relating to the above may be directed to Local 1597 President Tony Fiorentino at (312)399-1309 or by e-mail to Antoni.Fiorentino@gmail.com.